Project Benefits

The Falcon Hill project provides significant benefits for all involved constituencies - bolstering the local economy with cutting edge, high tech facilities and an expanding professional work force; enhancing property values and infrastructure; increasing tax base; and improving working conditions for base employees. The improvements should help buttress the area over the next generation, and set the stage for further growth.

For the U.S. Air Force

  • Realize untapped value for its real property holdings
  • Utilize payment in-kind consideration instead of appropriated funds for necessary replacement of deteriorating buildings and infrastructure, saving tax dollar appropriations
  • Providing greater co-worker accessibility between government and private sector and providing modern and more efficient facilities
  • Facilitate mission growth for the installation by providing new capacity

For Hill Air Force Base Workers

  • Realize improved working conditions — replacement of 1.5 million square feet of aging office space with new modern and energy efficient facilities
  • Improve amenities — enhanced building systems including HVAC, security, and parking
  • Bolster worker morale
  • Increase efficiency and productivity — air force staff and contractors now in multiple buildings will work in closer proximity

For the State and Communities around Hill Air Force Base

  • Realize long-term economic development and high paying aerospace related jobs (construction of the first 180 acres alone will infuse another $500 million into the Utah economy)
  • Provide four local communities with property tax revenues on the commercial improvements and sales taxes resulting from retail and hotel project components
  • Allow for the expansion of existing business servicing Hill AFB and providing the space to attract new missions

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