Elion Logistics Park 55 is a new kind of logistics park. It’s more than a place where goods come and go. It’s a destination for commerce and community.


ELP 55 merges 30,000,000 square feet of industrial and commercial space.


BNSF and UP links make Will County second in the nation in container volume.


A $140 million TIF means lower real estate taxes for tenants.


Smart tools and on-site resources to reduce pollution and minimize waste.

Elion Logistics Park 55 (“ELP 55”) is a 2,500-acre rail-served industrial park located at the intersection of Interstate 55 (“I-55”) and Lorenzo Road in Wilmington, Will County, Illinois.

The completed plan for ELP 55 will include:

  • 20 million square feet of industrial, warehousing, and logistics buildings;
  • 2.5 miles of frontage along Interstate 55;
  • 2 miles of frontage on the BNSF Mainline that runs from the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach to Chicago;
  • 70 acres of commercial property including travel plazas, hotels, restaurants, and retail; and

ELP 55 has a competitive advantage in the market based on the following key reasons:

Powerful economic incentives: Tenants will have access to an impressive list of incentives as part of its project:

  • Tenants will receive up to an annual $0.80 PSF reimbursement of real estate taxes for the initial lease term as part of a $140 million Landlord controlled TIF that is sponsored by the City of Wilmington.
  • ELP 55’s status as a designated Enterprise Zone affords many benefits to Tenants, including: sales tax exemption, investment tax credit, machinery and equipment sales tax exemption, utility tax exemption and job tax credits.

On-site amenities: ELP 55 is the only industrial park in the region with a full-service travel plaza offering restaurants, truck queuing, truck maintenance, truck refueling and truck washing.

Proximity to best-in-class regional infrastructure: ELP 55 features 2.5 miles of frontage along I-55 and 2 miles of frontage along the BNSF Mainline. Additionally, ELP 55 is located at a full four-way interchange at Lorenzo Road that is three miles from BNSF’s Logistics Park Chicago.


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